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do internal hard drives last longer than external

Do internal hard drives last longer than external hard drives? If this is a question that you have thought of before, you have come to the right place. External and internal hard drives are common devices that people use regularly. The internal will be used more often due to it’s purpose, but external aren’t that far behind.

If you want to know do internal hard drives last longer than external hard drives, keep reading. We will answer this question and many others that are related to give you the best information, to make you wiser and allow you to share this advice with others.


Do Internal Hard Drives Last Longer Than External? – The Facts

This question regarding which lasts longer between internal and external hard drives isn’t clear cut. In most cases internal hard drives can last for years if treated properly, they can run continuously without any downtime, which makes them very resilient. In that sense internal hard drives may last longer than an external.

However, some external hard drives are now much more rugged in design, with some having shock proof and water resistant capability. Externals however, are designed to run 24/7, which makes them less likely to last for an extended period if they are kept running continuously. In our opinion, either can last longer, but it depends on how they are treated.

Which Lasts Longer Internal Or External Hard Drive?

An internal hard drive is designed to sit inside your computer and connect directly to your motherboard. An external hard drive is an off-line storage device that you can use for additional storage. Both options have advantages and disadvantages.

External hard drives are designed to be more rugged and durable than internal drives because they are not used for everyday computing. Since the external hard drive does not move around inside the computer as a result, it does not experience as many stress points from being moved in and out of devices.

On the other hand, internal hard drives are utilized to store all of your programs and data on your computer, so they see a lot of movement every day. Because of this constant use, they have a higher chance of breaking down or wearing out sooner than external drives.

Are Internal Hard Drives More Reliable Than External?

Internal hard drives are typically more reliable than external hard drives and have an increase in overall durability. This is due to the internal hard drives being secured within a case which is seldom moved, unlike an external drive which is more portable and subject to falls etc.

Other than that, the reliability is the same as the longevity, so the answer remains the same. Each device serves a different purpose, which means they are designed to do different things. The internal is designed to run longer, so durability is key.

Do External Hard Drives Fail More Than Internal?

External hard drives are typically more reliable than internal hard drives, because they are not connected to any part of the computer that can fail. However, this does not mean external hard drives fail less frequently than internal drives.

Surprisingly, in-house computers have a higher crash rate than external hard drives. Due to a higher volume of data being accessed, the electronics inside your computer often show increased wear and tear over an external drive, which has fewer components with moving parts.

How Long Do Internal Hard Drives Last?

The lifespan of a hard drive depends on a number of variables, including how you use it. However, you can expect your internal hard drive to last several years if cared for properly. Some manufacturers assume that 24 hours per day of writing activity will eventually wear out a hard drive; however, this will not happen for years unless you’re putting heavy use on the device.

Most hard drives have a 3 year warranty, but these devices can last for 10 years or more. Hard drives are known to have lasted for a long time when used properly. So the best way to answer this question  about do internal hard drives last longer than external is dependent on manufacturing flaws and personal use, these two factors will make the difference.

Can A Hard Drive Last 10 years?

A hard drive can last 10 years if you take care of it. The most important thing to do is shut down your computer when not in use for long periods of time. The long-term life span of a hard drive is dependent on the drive type and it’s usage. Terabytes of data can take up space, but they also require a lot of power to run, which eventually has an effect on how long your hard drive will last.

A running hard drive will generate heat and cause wear and tear overtime. Another important thing to do is back up your data because that way if something happens to your hard drive and you lose everything, your backup will still contain all of your files!

How Many Years Do External Hard Drives Last?

External hard drives are built to last, but it’s still possible for them to fail or stop working. A lot depends on the quality of the drive you have, and how well it’s been looked after over time. In general, external hard drives can last between five and seven years before they start to fail.

In our experience, the way you treat your external will determine how long its lasts. I have had a WD passport for more than ten years and it still works great in 2022. It is possible to have an external that can last you fifteen to twenty years if used well.

Final Thoughts On Do Internal Hard Drives Last Longer Than External

Our conclusion on do internal hard drives last longer than external hard drives is this: In general internal drives are built to withstand more grunt than an external. However the longevity of these devices are dependent on use and brand as some are better than others. If you want either to last a long time, treat them well and you will be the happier for it.