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can you use external hard drive with Oculus Quest 2

Let us look at can you use external hard drive with Oculus Quest 2 as it’s a common question. The Oculus brand is a popular virtual headset for gaming and much more by Meta Inc., once known as Facebook Inc. The popularity of the brand makes it a well sought after device, so it isn’t surprising that many questions surround storage use.

Since, can you use external hard drive with Oculus Quest 2 is an important query by many users, we felt it best to answer it and many others that are relatable. If you want to know all the answers about using storage devices with the Oculus Quest 2, you are in the right place, so read on to know more.


Can You Use External Hard Drive With Oculus Quest 2? – The Facts

If you check online for information about can you use external hard drive with Oculus Quest 2 you will find conflicting answers. The truth about storage connectivity for the Quest depends on the type of storage device you use as nothing won’t work with the Oculus Quest 2 unless you take a few steps.

So, yes you can use an external hard drive with the device, it isn’t a straight forward process and will require some technical actions. If you buy anything and try to connect to Quest, you will be disappointed. These headsets are available in 128 and 256 GB capacity. If that isn’t sufficient, then you will definitely have to follow the steps we will share with you below.

Does Oculus Quest 2 Have External Storage?

Oculus Quest 2 does not have external storage. It comes only with a various models with different internal storage capacity, which means you will have to be careful with your data because the game files are going to take most of the space. However some games are getting more compact allowing users to hold more games.

There are ways to add external storage, but it requires knowledge and the tools to do so. It won’t be straightforward process like plugging a flash drive into a computer, it will require side loading and using special software.

Can I Plug A USB Drive Into My Oculus Quest 2?

Yes you can plug a USB drive into the Oculus Quest 2, but you will need other hardware like a USB hub, adapter  or a USB C flash drive. You will need software like CX File Explorer for example to help detect your flash drive on the Quest 2. You can find the CX File Explorer on websites that allow you to download apks. Sideload the app to your Oculus, which allows you to use flash drives directly .

Once you have connected the external to your Oculus, you will see a prompt from the CX File Explorer asking of to open file, click ok. The second prompt will require you to continue or cancel for formatting, you cancel, don”t click continue. Once you have passed this stage you can find all of your files from the external storage device to access the games. For more about doing this check out VR Generation.

Does The Oculus Quest 2 Support Expandable Storage?

The Oculus Quest 2 does not support expandable storage directly and will require expertise to access files not stored on the device. The internal memory of the headset is based on a proprietary solution provided by Samsung that allows for improved performance and power efficiency compared to previous generation devices.

If you choose the largest capacity version and it still isn’t enough for you, you can check out the video link above or follow the steps given to learn how to add an external device to your Oculus. The video by VR Generation takes you through each detail to better understand can you use external hard drive with Oculus Quest 2.

How Do I Move Files To Quest 2?

To move files to Quest 2, you’ll need to select the file and then click the upload button. Files can be moved from a computer or from Google Drive. Quest 2 will automatically search for your files in the QuestApps directory. To move files to Quest 2, open the folder where your files are located in your PC and drag them onto Mac HD > Users > [Your ID] > Documents. Quest 2 will now show up as a destination when you click share, so select it and share away!

You can also use Quest 2 to move files from one location to another. When you select the “New Folder” Inbox from your device, you will be prompted with a file selection window. This is where you can choose which files or folders are added to this new folder.

How Do I Transfer A Quest 2 Video To My Computer?

To transfer the Quest 2 video file on a Mac, first insert your USB drive into the computer, then go to “Finder” and navigate to your USB drive. Open the folder that contains the Quest 2 video file, or just drag and drop it into your hard drive to transfer. Connect your Quest 2 camera to your computer using its USB cable, then access its contents from “Finder” on your computer.

Make sure that the Quest 2 is fully charged, then connect it to your computer via USB cable. After you have connected the device, select iTunes if Mac or Windows Explorer if Windows to view the files on the Quest 2.

Is 128GB Enough On Oculus Quest 2?

128GB of internal storage is enough to store around 20 games or apps on Oculus Quest 2, assuming you don’t download many movies or save files from your favorite VR apps. Most game are more compact and much smaller now, but if you have more games than 128GB then it definitely won’t be enough.

Other than that, 128GB should be fine for most users due to the newer technology that requires games to use less space and retain quality. If you have more games than the 128GB version can hold, there is a 256GB version for a bit more.

Best External Devices For Oculus Quest 2

According to the information we shared earlier on how to plug a USB into the Quest 2, it really doesn’t matter what external hard drive you use, unless you still want the best models. Once you connect the external to a USB C cable that can connect to the Oculus headset, you should be fine. The CX File Explorer will do the rest, just follow the steps.

If you want to know the best external hard drives to use consider these:

1. LaCie 5TB Mobile Drive with Thunderbolt.

2. LaCie Rugged Secure 2TB external hard drive.

3. WD 4TB My Passport Ultra Blue Portable External Hard Drive HDD.

4. SanDisk 500GB Extreme Portable SSD.

5. Crucial X8 1TB portable SSD.

These are some of the best you will find, so be sure to read and watch the video from VR Generation so, you are able to do more with your Oculus Quest 2.

Can You Use External Hard Drive With Oculus Quest 2 Conclusion

Our conclusion on can you use external hard drive with Oculus Quest 2 is complete. If you know what to do yes you can us an external hard drive, so don’t be surprised if most answers say no. It will require guidance, so be sure to watch the video above as mentioned earlier before attempting to do anything.