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Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC Hard Drive

The Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC hard drive is an awesome product to review due to its popularity and performance capabilities. It’s a common complaint that hard disk drives are not reliable. While it is true that most of the time they work faultlessly, there are occasions when one bites the dust. If you have a couple of terabytes worth of data stored on your computer, you’ll need a way to retrieve it other than digging out an old external hard drive or taking it to your local PC repair shop.

This is an entry-level hard drive that should be adequate for most computer builds, particularly budget builds that don’t require too much storage like in an HTPC setup. You should consider Western Digital’s 2TB WD Blue PC hard drive. It’s a solid, reliable storage solution that gives you plenty of space to store your media files, and best of all it comes with a 3-year warranty. It’s also super quiet, so you won’t have to worry about annoying whirring while you’re trying to work or relax.


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What Does WD Blue Mean?

The WD Blue is a color code which helps identify what the hard drive can achieve based on its technology. WD Blue hard drives are for those who require high storage capacity and want the performance of an internal hard drive. It offers a wide range of form factors and interfaces, making them a good fit for systems in the home or office.

These devices are designed, built, and tested to meet the high standards of hard-core gamers. This WD Blue writes 2TB per platter so you no longer have to worry about running out of space. Simply plug in your WD Blue drive and let it do the rest.

If it’s time for a better hard drive. The Western Digital Blue 2TB WD PC hard drive combines capacity and reliability, so you can have one less thing to worry about. Running cool, quiet and efficiently with intelligent power management, this is the ideal hard drive for your PC or Mac desktop or notebook computer.

Is WD Blue Good For PC?

Yes, the Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC hard drive is good for your computer. This is one of the best 2TB internal hard drives available in the market and it provides high storage capacity. It is one of the most popular brand and it is designed to deliver fast performance. This brand is available in a wide range of affordable prices and its capacity might vary from 500GB to 10TB. The large capacity offers you more space to store your valuable data, videos or other documents that are very important for you.

Western Digital drives are quite remarkable. They have an outstanding warranty, a great reputation, and other nice features too such as their built in security chip. Their hard drives are also really easy to install, and they work well with most computers.

Are WD Blue Drives Reliable?

Connect and store your videos, music, documents and other files quickly and easily with the Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC hard drive. It has a SATA 6 Gb/s interface with 64 MB cache. This makes it great for gamers, video editors and anyone else who needs to store large amounts of data. You can buy this device in two types, the 5,400rpm at 2.5″ or the 7,200rpm at 3.5.”

These hard drives are built to last, with a 5400-rpm spin speed and 128MB cache so you can trust it to run quietly without interruption. It has a few more amenities than other bare drives, like a higher-capacity option, but this model still has fewer advanced features than some of the competition.

Western Digital Products offer one of the industry’s highest capacities and reliability in every sector of the hard drive market, including desktop, mobile and now Ultrabook. The Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC hard drive 7200 is great for use on servers and home systems. This reliable drive powers through your tasks with incredible performance in a wide range of applications.

Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC Hard Drive Options

The Western Digital Blue PC Hard Drive provides more storage for your desktop computer. With a 2TB of capacity, you can keep all of your files in one place. This hard drive is 7,200rpm and includes a 25% faster transfer rate than 5,400rpm drives. It also has been tested for greater durability with an impressive MTBF (mean time between failures) rating of up to 1 million hours. The devices offer improved media streaming and faster boot time compared to a standard hard drive at cost comparable to the original version. Here are the two options we will share:

Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC Hard Drive – 7200 RPM Class, SATA 6 Gb/s, 256 MB Cache, 3.5″ – WD20EZBX

This Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC hard drive has a capacity of 2,000 GB. It comes with an SATA 6 Gb/s interface and is designed to work in desktops, laptops, and external enclosures. The WD Blue hard drive features 7,200rpm spindle speed, 256 MB cache and 512-byte sector formatting. The 3.5″ hard drive provides a smooth performance throughout its life cycle; it supports enhanced functionality with no power interruption to ensure smooth data processing.

Whether you’re an enthusiast or a first-time user, solid state drives like the Western Digital Blue are a great way to make your computer perform better. Offering speeds up to five times faster than traditional hard drives and tons of storage capacity. It comes with free Acronis True Image WD Edition cloning software and a two year warranty.

The WD Blue 2TB costs $49.87, with pricing subject to change. Amazon’s five-star rating for this product is 82% from 32,350 reviews which is excellent for industry standards.

Western Digital 2TB WD Blue Mobile Hard Drive HDD – 5400 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, 128 MB Cache, 2.5″ – WD20SPZX

This Western Digital 2TB WD Blue Mobile Hard Drive HDD – 5400 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, 128 MB Cache, 2.5″ – WD20SPZX is a durable and portable storage solution. The Slim form factor enables the disk to easily fit into a laptop bag or backpack slot. To guarantee data integrity, it features an integrated hardware-based 256-bit AES self-encryption security engine that protects your data via real time hardware encryption at other point.

Get the peace of mind you need from a trusty storage solution. This WD Blue 2TB external hard drive gives you enough space for your big media files, allowing you to save and store them in one place. It’s compatible with both Windows PCs and Apple Macs so you can use it on any computer!

This Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC hard drive costs $69.99, with pricing subject to change. Amazon’s five-star rating for this device is 82% from 4,869 reviews, which is excellent for this industry.




Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC Hard Drive Amazon Reviews

The positive review which rated as five stars

Amazon is well known for selling hard drives and other computer components. If you want to know more about a product, you will find positive and negative reviews as some items may fail. This will be a norm for any product that is bought online or in store. We have shared two reviews with you, one negative and the other positive:

Richard W said, “Best value/reliablility per dollar hands down. I always buy WD Black…always for game data drives and I keep reading new reviews about these new wd blue 7200 1tb drives. I rarely stray from proven tech but for $48.00 each delivered I had to try I mean what is the worst that can happen??? lose $100 bucks.”

He added. “I totally redo my whole system 250gb ssd with windows 10 pro installed on it,128 m.2 ssd empty. and 2 of these wd blue 1tb in raid 0 for my steam library and games 1.8tb total. Drives are amazing… numbers and everything everyone else says they are is dead on and I could not be happier. Anyone on the fence on game drives for a raid should not even think twice on buying these drives. Will update down the road if any issues but do not expect any with WD quality.”

The negative review which rated as one star

TheBatman said, “WD has been recently been recently jipping customers by converting it’s popular Red and Blue line of consumer hard drives from CMR to SMR. Basically this meas they’re able to shoehorn more storage into the same drive with less material and at a cost of performance and in some cases compatibility (mostly for WD Red “NAS” labeled drives). They have done this to reduces cost for them and have NOT been transparent about the change to the customer and the possible repercussions, nor have they relayed the cost savings to the customer.”

He added, “I’ve ALWAYS preferred WD drives to any other brands, but this action has changed that for me and I will cease to support WD in favor of other brands. I myself was duped by this and noticed the performance of a new WD Blue 6 TB drive to be worse than it’s 2GB predecessor in my system. I’m just glad I found out before I spend 1000 bucks on NAS drives. That money will now go to a competitor. Do yourself a favor and research DEEPLY before purchasing a drive from ANY vendor and make sure you are NOT getting SMR drives.”

How Long Does A WD Blue Drive Last?

The lifespan of a WD Blue drive is dependent on many factors, including the operating environment, workload, and model. The WD Lifeguard utility can be used for monitoring and maintaining your hard drive. The general lifespan of these hard drives are four to six years, which may vary by treatment and use.

WD Blue hard drives are built for 24/7 reliability, high capacity and storage optimized for surveillance storage applications. WD Blue hard drives are designed and tested for compatibility with systems from leading manufacturers of network attached storage (NAS) and small-form-factor (SFF) PCs that use embedded systems.

Which Is better WD Black Or WD Blue?

We’re partial to the WD Black drives, as they tend to outlast their equally affordable WD Blue counterparts. Both drives are great for storing documents, movies and music. But the Black drives are better optimized for heavy-duty use in high-end gaming systems and rigs with multiple programs running at once. They’re also more resistant to drop damage and shock.

WD Black offers a more comprehensive range of capacities, best-in-class speed and performance in diverse applications with enhanced compatibility. Both are good hard drives, but if you want more speed and storage then WD Black is the best one for you. It comes with 64mb cache and 7,200rpm speed which results in better performance than WD Blue.

Is WD Blue Better Than WD Green?

You may have heard that WD Blue is better than WD Green, but is that really true? With a wide range of capacities and an attractive price point, WD Blue is one of the most value-packed drives. Both are some of the best Western Digital’s 2TB WD Blue PC hard drives on the market. Both are reliable, have excellent performance ratings, and have similar features. Each will suit your needs for storing data on an external hard drive.

The Western Digital’s 2TB WD Blue PC hard drive has been developed for home use, while the Green is a more Eco-friendly model. It may surprise to know that they have similar performance levels and the same warranty rating. Overall, the WD Blue is better than the WD Green because of the increased speed and capacity.

Is Seagate Better Than WD?

Seagate and Western Digital are two of the most popular names in hard drives these days, but which is better? Which drives are more reliable? Which ones have the best warranties? To be honest, the differences between the two are very low, both perform well and are good choices. However, Seagate tends to have faster a faster speed than WD overall.

Seagate is one of the biggest sellers of computer hard drives, and it’s known for its high-quality products. WD makes a solid product too, but it’s usually more expensive than Seagate drives. Which one you should choose depends on a few key factors—how much you need to store, whether or not you want that data to be easy to back up, and what type of drive might be best for your computer or laptop.

Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC Hard Drive Review Conclusion

The Western Digital 2TB WD Blue PC hard drives offers fantastic transfer speeds and warranty protection, making it an excellent device for your computer. If you’re looking to upgrade your hard drive, this one is definitely worth your consideration.