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The Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 is a popular storage device. This solid-state drive is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to upgrade the storage capacity of their PC.

SSDs have made the performance of computers much faster and have seen an increase in purchases. The Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 is one such SSD device.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5, this review will help you better understand what you will get for your money.

Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB


Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5

The Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5″ is a high-performance storage device with best-in-class reliability. It offers some of the fastest read and writes speeds, 560MB/s, and 530MB/s, respectively.

It has a 5-year warranty and an endurance rating of 600TBW for the 1TB model. The SSD has a 6th generation VNAND and powerful MKX controller.

Plus, with the Samsung Magician software for easy installation and maintenance, it’s easy to see why this drive is one of the world’s favorites. For more information on the warranty, please visit

Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 Compatibility

The Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 is compatible with Windows7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Windows Server 2003, 32-bit and 64-bit. You can use it with Vista (SP1 and above), XP (SP2 and above), MAC OSX, and Linux as well.

Once your PC has a SATA III connection, it has the compatibility required to work with this Samsung 870 EVO SSD. 

Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 Special Features

The Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 has some remarkable features that make it amazing. It has Auto Garbage Collection Algorithm (AGCA), sleep, and S.M.A.R.T Support.

Other features include an average of 2.5 watts with a maximum of 4 watts of idle power consumption. The maximum is 30 milliwatts with fluctuation and boasted reliability of 1.5 million hours of work time. The SSD weighs 0.19 lbs, making it very lightweight.

Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 Performance

The Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 performs very well. It has Intelligent TurboWrite technology, which improves the writing ability of the hardware.

The device has a cache memory with a 1GB low-power DDR4 SDRAM. Due to its low energy use, this SDRAM allows for longer battery life or lower power consumption. This technology decreases any chance of malfunctions and improves transfer speeds.

The performance of this SSD will vary based on system hardware and configurations made to the product.

Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 Price

The Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 costs about $120 on Amazon and $114.99 on the Samsung website. The Samsung 870 EVO costs more than any other SSD in its category.

Despite being a bit better than the competition, some may disagree with the pricing of this product. In some sense, you still get what you pay for with the Samsung EVO as it performs better than its rivals.

Reviews on Amazon and Samsung for this product have a five-star rating of 91% from almost 20,000 reviews. These results alone tell you the class of the Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5.

Is Samsung 870 EVO A Good SSD?

The Samsung 870 EVO is a solid SSD with excellent performance and ample storage capacity. It performs well in most workloads and will come in handy if you want to replace your hard drive with an SSD. 

An excellent option for gamers and heavy multitaskers, but there are better all-around drives for the price. It uses 3D V-NAND and Polaris controller to deliver class-leading performance. This 2.5″ drive is available in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB versions.

Is Samsung SSD 870 EVO Good For Gaming?

The Samsung SSD 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 is a solid choice for gamers. This drive has almost no performance drops when it’s busy, so you won’t have to worry about stuttering in the middle of a gaming session. 

And because this drive supports NVMe and the more traditional SATA interface, it can work in nearly any system even if your motherboard doesn’t support trendy PCIe-based drives.

Does 870 EVO Support Rapid Mode?

The Samsung SSD 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 supports rapid mode. Rapid mode allows faster write performance by creating a virtual SSD using portions of unused PC memory. This option enables a PC to perform quicker and more efficiently, using less storage space than an actual SSD.

Which Is Better 860 or 870 EVO?

The Samsung SSD 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 is better than the EVO 860 in many ways. Samsung’s 860 EVO and 870 EVO are two of the best SSDs for a PC. 

They’re both great for booting, storage, and transferring data. The differences between the two are subtle but critical. To help you choose one, here’s how they stack up against each other:

The EVO 870 has faster reading and writing speeds than the 860. The compatibility with other devices differs, with the 870 EVO offering more capability. Those are the significant differences, with the 860 EVO having a higher price tag than the 870.

Which Is Better 870 EVO Or 870 QVO?

The 870 EVO and the 870 QVO use the same drive type, with more or less identical performance. The main difference is in how they connect to the rest of your system. 

The 870 QVO uses a SATA bus with greater bandwidth, while the 870 EVO uses an NVMe bus to drop latency and increase throughput. You can expect to see differences in speed, with the 870 doing better than the 870 QVO.

The 870 QVO offers slightly different storage capacity options with no 250 or 500GB choices and has an exceptional 8TB, while the 870 EVO’s highest is 4TB.

Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 Conclusion

The Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-performing solid-state drive that has a large capacity.

Any choice you make should always depend on your needs and what you can afford, but you can’t go wrong with this product.