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best replacement hard drive for Tivo Bolt

To know the best replacement hard drive for Tivo Bolt, we have created this list just for you. What if the hard drive fails or stops working? If this happens, then you should know that replacing its hard drive is much cheaper than replacing the whole system. The Tivo Bolt uses the hard drive to store all of your data, so all you need is easily accessible by the press of a few clicks.

Hard drives die eventually and if your Tivo Bolt outlasts the current storage device you have, a replacement would be the best option if you want to keep the device. The best replacement hard drive for Tivo Bolt is a great option to replace your old, broken or damaged hard disk drive with a new one. These are reliable and fast with quick access time and high data transfer rates.

Before we share the hard drives that can work as a replacement for you Tivo Bolt, there are few things you should know. There are many questions to be addressed and you can read below to be more informed when using your Tivo device.



What Is A Tivo Bolt?

A Tivo Bolt is a hard drive-based digital video recorder made by Tivo. No set-top box or satellite dish is necessary, as it connects directly to your home network for streaming content and storing all your recorded shows. DVRs have become popular as they allow you to record shows and watch them at your convenience, whether it be when you are busy working or cooking a meal.

This is especially true for people who are always super busy. Some DVRs come with extra features that make them more convenient and practical, which is why Tivo Bolt has been rated one of the best DVRs in the market.

Tivo Bolt is an innovative digital video recorder that provides a convenient way to watch the shows you love. It comes with a 500 GB internal hard drive for storing recorded content and a digital video recorder, so you can fast forward through commercial breaks.

In addition, the device comes with its own remote control, which lets you browse and select content from up to four devices (such as a TV, Blu Ray player and computer). If the hard drive gores bad, they can be replaced, that is why you can find the best replacement hard drive for Tivo Bolt below.

What Kind Of Hard Drive Is In A TiVo bolt?

The Tivo Bolt comes with a 500GB hard drive by default, but you can upgrade to 3TB if you need more storage. It is important to know that not every hard drive will work with this device, that is why we have a list for the best replacement hard drive for Tivo Bolt below. There you can choose which one you prefer as there will be many models and a few brands. Tivo Bolts come with the Western Digital My DVR Expander by default.

Western Digital My DVR Expander is a high-performance, high-capacity drive for use with your WD DVR-921 DVR or WD DVR-925 DVR. This expandable drive features the My Book brand, which means that it is designed to complement the aesthetic and functionality of your entire home theater experience. Due to its flexibility, you can easily find the best replacement hard drive for  Tivo Bolt.

Can I Add External Hard Drive To TiVo Bolt?

Yes, it is possible to connect an external hard drive to your TiVo Bolt. This is done by using an Ethernet cable and connecting the hard drive to your router. Then you can use the TiVo Bolt dashboard to access any files stored on the external hard drive.

The TiVo Bolt is the first Bolt device that includes a gigabit network interface, allowing you to connect an external hard drive to expand your storage. Here you will see instructions on how to connect an external drive to your Bolt and move or copy content between TiVo and the connected drive.



How Do I change The Hard Drive In My TiVo bolt?

To change out the hard drive, you will need to unplug all the cables from the back of the Bolt and remove the four screws from either side of the chassis. After removing these, be careful when pulling apart since there is a lot of power invested in this setup. Once you have gotten past this point, locate where you want to place your new hard drive and attach it there. Now reconnect everything and power up your TiVo Bolt to complete installation.

The video above that shows how to add an external hard drive should help you replace the internal option by following the same process. Here is a simple guide as well:

1. Unplug your device’s power cord.

2. Remove the TiVo Bolt’s hard drive by removing the four screws at the back of the unit.

3. Install your new hard drive, then reattach the screws and connect your TiVo Bolt to its power source.

4. Go to tivo.com/go/restore to reformat and reinstall your TiVo Bolt’s software with instructions from there.

How Do I Test My TiVo Hard Drive?

TiVo has a built-in method of testing your TiVo hard drive. The process is simple, but time consuming. First, you will need to open the TiVo and then unplug the power cord. Next, plug the TiVo in and password login screen will appear. Highlight any button on your remote control except for the blue circular Select button at the center of your remote control or press on your mobile device’s screen if using an app.

There are other ways to know whether your TiVo hard drive is broken or needs repair, there are two ways to test it. If your TiVo won’t start up or record shows, or if you get an “Overload” error message on the screen, then your hard drive may be dead. You can test whether it’s alive by removing it from the TiVo and connecting it externally.

You can also test your TiVo hard drive by making sure both the power adapter and the AC cord are connected. Power on your TiVo by pressing and holding the power button until you see “System Init” on the screen. Release the button and wait until the green System status light next to Standby flashes twice and then remains steady. If you find the drive is bad, you can choose from the list below of the best replacement hard drive for Tivo Bolt.

List Of Best Replacement Hard Drive For Tivo Bolt

Before you decide on the best replacement hard drive for Tivo Bolt, consider your specific requirements. If you want to upgrade your existing hard drive with a faster spinning speed to avoid any lags or freezes when streaming video. If your Tivo Bolt’s hard drive fails, you will need to replace it by installing an equivalent size new hard drive in place of your defective one.

We’ve rounded up the best drives for TiVo Bolt DVRs – so you can choose from a number of fast, reliable options that suit your needs. Since not every hard drive can work with the Tivo Bolt, this list will help simplify what to use by showing you the choices that work.

MDD – MQ03ABB300 3TB 5400RPM 16MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5in Hard Drive (15mm Thickness for TiVo, MiniPC, CCTV DVR only, NOT for Laptop) – 3 Year Warranty

Upgrade your TiVo Bolt, with a high capacity internal 2.5″ hard drive stored in a reliable enclosure. This 3TB hard drive from Toshiba is SATA hard drive that operates at 5400RPM with 16MB cache and 6Gb/s interface speed. This is an excellent choice for applications that require large amounts of data storage space and a good choice for the best replacement hard drive for Tivo Bolt.

This drive can be used in other applications, such as CCTV DVR systems, medical imaging systems and mini computers, but it cannot be used in laptops. Toshiba’s unique head positioning technology ensures accurate positioning of platters, resulting in high shock tolerance. This feature relieves the hard drive from high impact shock at the time of impact and keeps the drive running smoothly under any environments.

This Toshiba hard drive costs $49.99, with pricing subject to change. Amazon’s five-star rating for this product is 100% from 1 review, which is excellent, for this industry despite only being one.

TOSHIBA MQ03ABB200 2.5 2TB 5400RPM SATA – 3 yr Factory Warranty Toshiba

The 2TB Toshiba MQ01ABA200 7200 RPM, 64MB Cache SATA internal hard drive has a TRIM command, which makes the device more efficient and improves performance over time. The Advanced Stable Platter Technology helps to deliver improved shock resistance, which prevents data loss from bumps and vibrations during transport. This desktop hard drive utilizes a SATA III 6 Gb/s interface for quick data transfer speeds with just about any operating system installed.

This cool drive saves you from overheating, power consumption and makes sure that your hard disk is safe from damage caused by external forces. With 5400 RPM spin speed and Toshiba “Dynamic Air Bearing” technology it ensures high performance and low power consumption. The noise reduction design reduces operating noise while the 100% burn-in test ensures consistency over a long period of time.

This used Toshiba hard drive has a price range of $118.68-$126.10, with prices subject to change. Amazon’s five-star rating on this product is 64% from 35 reviews, which isn’t that great for industry standards.

Western Digital Blue Mobile 2.5 Internal Bare/OEM Drive WD20NPVZ

The Western Digital Blue mobile internal bare/OEM drive WD20NPVZ is a 2.5-inch internal hard drive which allows you to store data securely and seamlessly. Other than providing the user with high-quality, this product also provides the highest data transfer rates with IntelliSeek technology. Furthermore, it is compatible with both SAS and SATA devices so that you can use it in any system without any issue.

Add to this robust technology, the proven quality and reliability of WD, then pair it all up with a 5-year limited warranty (3 years in case of personal use). The result? A solid foundation upon which your mobile computing experience is built.

This WD Blue costs $59.99, with pricing subject to change. Amazon’s five-star rating for this product is 78% from 45 reviews, which is very good for industry standards. This would be an ideal choice for the the best replacement hard drive for the Tivo Bolt.

Other choices:

After thorough research, many of the drives that would work with the Tivo Bolt are no longer available on Amazon. There seems to be some hard drives that have the possibility to work, but there is no definite word on these. Some drives known to work are the WD10JFCX and the WD30NPRZ models by Western Digital.

Can A TiVo Bolt Be Repaired?

A TiVo Bolt can be fixed, but it is not uncommon for the hard drive to fail. While this can be inconvenient and expensive, it is possible to replace the hard drive by purchasing a new one that matches your existing configuration.

If you are looking to repair your TiVo Bolt, it is not recommended. Instead, consider purchasing a new unit. The cost of repairing your TiVo Bolt is $100-$150 while the cost of a brand new unit is $135. That being said, the price tag can vary based upon the issue that is being repaired or replaced. However, you can watch videos by Weaknees.com that addresses repairing the Bolt if you have the skill and components to do so.

Is TiVo Edge Better Than Bolt?

TiVo Edge and Bolt provide similar features, but they are different in price and functionality. The TiVo Bolt is a top-notch recording device that’s well worth the additional cost over other options. You get high quality, excellent hardware and software, and powerful features for a low price tag. The Tivo Edge has more memory than the Bolt and a faster processor. With TiVo Edge, you get the best of both worlds: a DVR that’s capable of recording up to 6 shows in a row, plus streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Video.

Overall, the Edge may be better as it doesn’t require eSATA port and uses another way to connect. However it has issues with app support and ads in the recordings. Edge beats the Bolt due to increase in newer technology, which would be lacking in the Bolt.

Best Replacement Hard Drive For Tivo Bolt Conclusion

The best replacement hard drive for Tivo Bolt has been chosen after conducting research. These internal drives are available above, but you could use an external drive, which will give you many more options.

The Seagate expansion 4TB portable external hard drive is a great option. This drive has plenty of storage, a compact form factor, good build quality and even comes with an included USB 3.0 cable for easy plug-and-play installation. It’s hard to beat this drive for the price and value it provides.